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Obsessed with getting better every day

Why it matters?

We see change as an opportunity not an obstacle. For us, change involves quite simply, trying to do something better today than we did it yesterday.

How we do it?

Our business cannot sit still, and we will always seek to improve the service we offer. We see any change we make as another step towards our goal of make legal easy to make life easy. We see embracing technology as a key part of this journey.

Nobody has all of the answers. Real change only happens when we all get involved.

How we improve everyday

Paperless Office

Since 2013 we have operated a Paperless Office improving our service, agility, transparency, efficiency, client engagement and responsiveness while also helping the environment.


Completing commercial transactions electronically and completing property transactions electronically where permissible by law.

24/7 online service

Created the ability for clients to complete actions anywhere anytime online including payments, document uploads, information upload, execution of documents, agreeing terms and conditions, KYC/AML and validation process.


We are proud partners with Docusign since 2016 and by doing so we have helped preserve over 4 million trees, 38 billon sheets of paper, 4 billion gallon of water plus over 225 million pounds of waste.

Automated Process

We have created unique automated workflows and processes specifically designed to simplify the legal process.

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