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Go Green

We will be carbon neutral by 2027

Why it matters?

The environment is everything. 

Together we can force change.

The time to stand up and be counted is now.

We can be a leader when it comes to climate change –¬†big ripples start small. When it comes to making decisions as to how we do business, the effect on the environment¬†will be foremost. We will ask that we be judged on our actions so far.

Our actions so far

Electric Cars

We have followed through our commitment to change to electric vehicles with the recent delivery of our first two fully Electric Cars to GMB Law.

Car Charging Ports

We recently installed a Car Charging Port at our Killybegs Office for our staff and clients.


We started our Paperless journey in 2013 with as much as a 70% reduction in our paper waste.

PV Solar Panels

We have installed 45 PV Solar Panels which provide two thirds of all our energy costs for running our GMB Killybegs Office.

Energy Efficient Office

Our Killybegs Office has increased insulation, triple glazing, LED Energy saving lights and equipment and we plan to follow suit in our Donegal Town Office.

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